Initial Phase

The C&C principles were decided to be adopted at the meeting of the IZTECH Senate on September 25, 2012 (Reference No: 02-25/ 25.09.2012). Upon the application, IZTECH’s participation to the “4th HRS4R Group” was approved by the European Commission (EC). Starting then, meetings were held at IZTECH to compare national and institutional legislation and practices regarding human resources management with C&C principles. In this context, IZTECH hosted the EC 3rd and 4th Corporate Human Resources Strategy Groups’ 3rd Joint Learning Seminar (3rd Mutual Learning Seminar – 3MLS) on October 7-9, 2015.

The HRS4R process was restarted by IZTECH Rectorate on 07.10.2020, the HRS4R Implementing Committee was formed and the Endorsement Letter for obtaining the HRS4R Logo was submitted to the EC on 03.02.2021. Afterwards;

  • As a result of the regular meetings of the HRS4R Implementing Committee, 3 separate surveys were prepared and applied to researchers at all levels and relevant administrative personnel. The survey responses were analyzed based on a scale of 1-5: (P>4.0 ++; 3.5<P=<4.0 +- ; 3.0<P=<3.5 -+; P=<3.0 –). Weaknesses and strengths were determined based on the survey analysis. All aspects that got a score below 4.0 was addressed in the initial action plan.
  • Conducted surveys:
  1. Selection and Recruitment Processes for Researchers at IZTECH (June 21, 2021)
  2. Working Conditions and Social Security of Researchers at IZTECH (October 4, 2021)
  3. Ethical and Professional Aspects/ Training and Development in the Careers of Researchers at IZTECH (6 January 2022)


  • The HRS4R Implementing Committee carried out GAP Analysis studies as a result of the survey results’ analysis.



  • The application for the ‘Human Resources Excellence in Research Award’ (HR Excellence in Research Award) was sent to the European Commission on 28.04.2022.